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“UGANDA THE LAND OF FREEDOM”, “as stipulated in the national anthem is but a mockery now. George William Kakoma the original composer’s soul must also be cursing whoever is making this phrase lose meaning. May his soul rest in eternal peace”. One colleague of mine remarked in one conference on Minority rights and freedom in Nairobi.

World over people are asking; is Uganda still land of freedom? Do we still have the moral authority to continue using the above phrase when we are exporting war to neighboring countries and killing our own people? Should they continue saluting this land full of refugees in their own motherland and NAZI type camps everywhere? Difficult questions.

In African context, Uganda to be more specific , a layman’s understanding of freedom is doing things without fear of being trailed by mafias masquerading as ground nut sellers/hawkers, choosing what to do without extrinsic interference, living a happy life without state intimidation, moving freely in and out of country of birth, expressing opinion, assembling, associating with others… name it as an endowed human being with no restrictions attached. This is not the case to most us laymen who make up 85% of the local population.

Today it is widely believed that Ugandans can hardly notice the real meaning of freedom.
The situation dictates that when doing something one must be conscious of state house informers. They are everywhere any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in toilets. For example a man can not easily engage in love with any lady because most Ugandan ladies are under cover spies for the repressive Kampala establishment. One case or two cases in point is/are. (Nabagesera and Sseggala).these two were bed friends; they planned and executed legal and illegal accomplishments together. Later it was to emerge that Nava was on a mission. A mission to bring down hajji. After the mission, she is now eating big as high a ranking official in the president’s office. When Ssebaggala is asked what happened, the answer given is wait . I will tell you later.

In another incident very many men and women around Kampala fear to go for loo alone .They need to be escorted. Why? A lot of abductions are prevalent in and around Kampala region. Such a situation is regrettable in a democratic free world.

To make matters worse the authorities are getting a lot of money from development partners under auspice of building institutions of democracy.
Ugandans and other people familiar with Uganda’s politics are asking, where are the institutions of democracy? The easily bought National resistance organization MPs? The judiciary that is ever under looked by the executive? The media which is on severe restrictions to report objectively? The c.m.i? The black mambas? The v.c.c.u? The j.a.t.f? The p.i.n? Or the g.i.s.os who have a renowned history of butchering Ugandans? Can murderers, oh sorry! Obligate autocrats build Democracy?

As if that is not enough, questions like where are our national resources and public monies heading to .Who owns our newly discovered oil in the west, the monies for Nalubale power extension, the immunization and AIDS/HIV funds, the U.C.B properties, cooperative bank properties, radio Uganda, Uganda Railways ,Uganda Airlines, Kyagwe RD Primary school, Shimon demonstration school …..est.
What went and what is going wrong with the Namanve, Golf course, Butamira, Mabira, Mt Elgon, Maramagambo, Budongo, forests? Why should a parochial establishment continue grabbing land and we continue harboring it power? Should we say the answer is, sleep as it is always justified by the Movementists that it (sleep) was brought and true we are sleeping?

Why have people from northern Uganda not seen peace for the last twenty one years? Is our government preoccupied with arbitrary arrests of politicians/and or Journalist or human rights activists ,framing charges against its citizens and torturing them at; Bweyogerere,Makindye go-down, Kireka, Mbale d.m.i, Nalufenya in Jinja and many others not enlisted herein?
OR in the international court tribunal at Hague defending itself against charges of looting D.R.Congo, and conniving with militia groups that caused genocide of more than 2 million people in the Ituri region of Congo?

Are they in Somalia busy running after the beautiful Cushitic Oghaden, Hawiyeh, Marehan, Issac, Madiban women?
It’s on record that whenever U.P.D.F is on a mission, population explosion in the military quarters is a normative act. Remember Congolese women currently being taken care of by army around Luwero. Somalia might not be exceptional. However let them be informed that Somalis are not like Congolese. Somali men will act .Wait and see.

Any way, above are not the answers to questions being raised by concerned people around the world. It is very hard to answer these questions if you are not number one man in Uganda. Mr Museveni for this matter is the best to respond.

However, most people say he is tired –unretired man, for this reason he might not answer them.
Here are some reliable clues leading to the answers,
(U.S.A.I.D) has it that:

• Democratic institutions have been overtaken by a self seeking individual, busy preparing his son or his close relatives to take over power after he (the one in power) has left. And given Uganda’s brutal history, this is not such easy.
• My interpretation of the above is; so the powers that are have to resort to force and other techniques used in a STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL SITUATION. These techniques sometimes include assassinations of politically robust individuals, faking accidents, using poisoned cups, blackmailing potential presidential materials, intimidating the populace with military language and weaponry, treating civilians like military men, Inciting tribal sentiments, stealing money from government coffers for future use, and acting ruthless like a MUNGIKI sect in Nairobi known for horrible acts such as slashing off heads of people opposed to them, clobbering residents to death…. e. t.c .

Another clue is from Congo and other countries surrounding us.
• Banyamulenges from across the great lakes region also have it that ONE person is their KING. They say they have a 50 year program to see that they rejuvenate themselves and that this KING of theirs must use all the available means to see that this happens. And this one KING of theirs is said to the SSabagabe (M7) of UGANDA. Even the Ssabagabe has promised them that he will not leave power unless their dream comes true. And that, this is why Museveni and Kagame are sometimes at loggerheads. They are both fighting for one position. That Kagame says he is the right king not M7.
• To the best of knowledge I find this clue some how true that may be MR. MUSEVENI and his cronies are not after building Uganda. May be they are after creating a DYNASTY in the great lakes region. Bram Jensen one friend of mine from Netherlands made wide research on this and also concluded it this way. Ugandans could this be true? It may be true but I think in the present situation, it is next to impossible. But am sure our president thinks it might come true. And because he thinks that way he is most likely to become a monster. Monster because he will have to murder so many before he gets to the throne.

I may be criticized for going as far as this but the fact is, we should not continue to be fooled this way by an individual who has personal interests, egotistic ambitions and above all filled with scarcity mentality. At least as for now we should stop acting as buffers to selfish interests of our president.
We are sane enough to resist this .Swahili speakers have it that “DAWA YA MOTO NI MOTO.” Translated as ‘what extinguishes fire is fire. Ugandans have the onus of adopting the struggle for survival skills to counter the impending monster threatening our own being.

Any way I welcome your criticisms but keep your eyes wide otherwise you might wake up one day and you find brother Mehta with your title deed.

God bless.

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